How to wash a car

Few people like washing cars but it is good to know how to wash your car. It can be done with or without a pressure washer. Some people prefer to use a pressure washer, it is a quick and easy to wash the car. But others, especially automotive enthusiasts, don’t like using a pressure washer for washing a car. They think it damages the paint finish.

Using a pressure washer for the undercarriage is the quickest way of cleaning it and you don’t have any paint finish to worry about.

If you are going to wash your car using a pressure washer, you should use the pressure washer together with a few car washing accessories. It is not completely necessary to use car washing accessories but they make it both easier and safer to wash your car with a pressure washer. Note that virtually all electric pressure washers are powerful enough for washing your car. Actually, most of them can damage the paint if you are not careful. Unless you know what you are doing, you should always use less than 1000 PSI when washing your car. Often 400 PSI is more than enough, it is still ten times more than a garden hose.

A rotating brush is one of the best of ways of getting rid of dirt. Use a pressure washer with a detergent tank so that you can mix car shampoo with the water. Don’t use soap or washing up liquid, they may remove wax. Note that using more shampoo than recommended will not improve the result.

Always wash your car from distance. Start with the tip of the lance four feet away from the vehicle. If more power is needed, move carefully a little bit closer to the car. Always spray at an angle, this decreases the pressure and is less risky than if you spray straight towards the car.

If your car is particularly dirty, use plain water first, starting from the bottom and working upwards, to remove grim and dust. Then wash the car with car shampoo, starting from the top and working downwards.

Note that while a pressure washer is great for cleaning the wheels, you can damage the sides of the tires if you spray with high pressure directly on the sides of the tires.

Using a garden hose, bucket and sponge is possible but a pressure washer is much more powerful your garden hose. Note that a rubber bucket is much safer, metal can scratch the paintwork.

Note that many local authorities have placed restrictions on car washing. Make sure that you know the local rules in your area before washing your car.

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